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Who are Edgewater Group?

Edgewater Group is a privately owned property development company that has been successfully operating in the South of England.

Kenny Vaughan, Director of Edgewater Group, says "We are building an enviable reputation for quality and establishing our business as one which thrives on challenge and opportunity".

Five years on from establishing itself as a major force in the local Property Development forum, Edgewater Group is looking forward to its most challenging and productive year, having secured in excess of 25 sites ready to commence at the start of the year, we anticipate an extremely busy January for not only Kenny and Matt but the whole team at Edgewater Group.

Right now he is most excited about the Dorset market, which he says is at the beginning of the growth cycle, although the company is starting to make inroads into London.

By having a diverse portfolio across the south, he believes the business is well placed to ride out any dips in the markets. Even so, he says, "our strategy is we will not buy something unless we have a clear idea on how to sell".

And while he acknowledges that low interest rates have been a great driver for the Edgewater Group business, he believes there is flexibility in the market to absorb at least some interest rate increases without dampening demand.

Hayters Way, Alderholt, Dorset

This large site in Alderholt consisted of an existing 2 bedroom bungalow.

Published Sunday 20th June 2021

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