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Bespoke Homes Developed Through a Process Tailored for You

With a passion for architectural excellence and a keen eye for prime locations, we specialise in acquiring land and crafting residential homes that are sure to impress. Our team of experienced professionals includes architects, designers, and builders, all of whom will collaborate closely with you to create a personalised home that surpasses expectations.

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Permits and approvals

Acquire sufficient land and secure the necessary permits and approvals – a process with which we have significant experience.


Collaborate with expert architects and designers to create a customised home design reflecting your preferences and requirements.

build your vision

Manage the construction process through our in-house contractors, ensuring adherence to design plans, quality standards, and timelines.

Fixtures & Fittings


Mr. and Mrs. Hayward, who had lived in their home for over 20 years, decided to sell their house and business after retiring to fund their dream home.

When they couldn’t find anything on the market that they liked, they decided to hire a local architect to design a mega home. However, Mr. and Mrs. Hayward ran into another problem when they were told by multiple firms that their current plans were not viable to build.

They came to Edgewater Group, and we explained that the plans were over-engineered and wouldn’t fit the budget that they had. We used our in-house team to help them redesign their plans and value-engineer them. This allowed us to build the dream home that they had been looking for.

-Mr. and Mrs. Hayward


How Does Edgewater Group Work With Clients To Bring Their Designs To Life?

We collaborate closely with clients on every project, making note of their preferences and incorporating their choices into our designs. Our team always produces practical designs while still prioritising the desires of our clients.

What Is The Estimated Timeline For Developing A Bespoke Home?

The scale of your bespoke home project will determine how long it takes to complete. However, you can rest assured knowing that our team will provide a clear and accurate time schedule, giving you an idea of when your new home will be built.

What Costs Are Associated With Designing And Building A Bespoke Home?

The costs associated with bespoke home projects vary depending on the design choices and features of the new property. We are upfront and transparent with our clients, giving them a full breakdown of pricing and discussing potential additional expenses.

Can We Assist With Securing The Necessary Permits And Approvals?

There are several permits and approvals that must be actioned and acquired before the building of your bespoke home can commence. Our experts will deal with the legal aspects of your project, ensuring that you have the green light to move forward.

How Do We Address Sustainability And Energy Efficiency In Home Designs?

It’s important for every home to be eco-friendly and sustainable in the modern world, and this is reflected in our design and building practices. Our team incorporate environmentally friendly features and materials whenever possible.

Do We Have In-House Contracting Solutions For Bespoke Home Projects?

We aim to oversee every stage of your project from start to finish, which is why we have in-house contracting solutions available. Our experience with contracting means that we can work through all stages of building your bespoke home.

What Is Value Engineering In The Context Of Bespoke Home Construction?

Value Engineering is a systematic approach employed by Edgewater Group to optimize the design, materials, and construction methods of your bespoke home project to maximize value while maintaining or improving quality and functionality. The goal is to achieve cost savings without compromising on your unique design and project requirements.

How Can I Contact Edgewater Group?

You can reach Edgewater Group by phone at 01202 429 744, by email at, or by visiting our office.

Discover the art of bespoke home building with Edgewater Group.

Our expert team will transform your dreams into architectural marvels, crafting unique spaces that redefine luxury and elegance. Contact us now to embark on a personalised journey towards your new custom-built home.