We at Edgewater Group started out as a contracting firm, providing building services to property and site owners. Our team has been contracting for over a decade and, in that time, has built up an impressive amount of skill and experience.

Having these capabilities allows us to deliver excellent contracting solutions to clients as part of our development services. Our staff have an in-depth understanding of contracting, which allows them to ensure that every client ends up with suitable solutions for their project. We work closely with clients throughout the process, making sure to deliver bespoke service at all times.

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Smart Contracting

As a resourceful company, we are able to source and put into use effective tools that are essential for the success of certain projects. We always make sure to use state-of-the-art equipment on every project where our skill as a contractor is required. Thanks to our contacts and past experiences, we can promptly put together an effective plan for customers who are taking on a development project.

Our Team

Our team has the skills required to adapt their contracting services and resources to all types of projects. Of course, we primarily apply our contracting capabilities to our development and bespoke home works. However, our team is also able to offer advice if you have a smaller development project planned for your property, such as an extension or kitchen refurbishment.

We are happy to offer advice to clients in a bid to ensure that they end up with contracting solutions to supplement our already stellar development services. Our friendly experts are happy to discuss our contracting capabilities at length, so be sure to reach out today if you have any specific queries. You can be assured of professional contracting solutions when you choose Edgewater Group for property developments.


Does Edgewater Group Use In-House Contracting?

We still offer contracting as part of our broader services, making our equipment and expertise available for land development and bespoke home projects. Our experienced team is at your disposal, putting their knowledge to good use. 

Are Edgewater Group Available for Small-Scale Projects?

While we mostly handle large-scale development and bespoke home projects, our contracting services are also available for small-scale jobs. If you’re building an extension or having a room redeveloped, you can reach out to us for assistance. 

Does Edgewater Group Offer Any Warranties On Their Work?

Yes, Edgewater Group stands behind the quality of our work. We typically offer warranties on their construction projects, and the details will be outlined in your contract

How Can I Contact Edgewater Group?

You can reach Edgewater Group by phone at 01202 429 744, by email at, or by visiting our office

How Does Edgewater Group Create a Safe Working Environment?

Our contracting division strictly adheres to Health & Safety regulations on every project, making sure that our staff and clients are sufficiently protected. We make our safety practices clear from the beginning, ensuring that clients have a complete understanding of our approach. 

What Contracting Capabilities Does Edgewater Group Have?

Thanks to our years of experience in contracting, we have built up many capabilities, including access to equipment, sourcing high-quality materials, and more. Our team has the knowledge and versatility required to provide solutions for every project.

Can I Get A Cost Estimate For My Project From Edgewater Group?

Yes, Edgewater Group offers free consultations and can provide you with a cost estimate after discussing your project’s specific needs and requirements.

How Long Has Edgewater Group Been In Business?

Edgewater Group has been serving the Dorset and Hampshire community for over 10 years. Our extensive experience in the industry is one of our strengths.


If you are a landowner we invite you to explore the possibilities with Edgewater Group. You can speak with a member of our experienced team by calling us on the number below, or you can fill out our online contact form to get started.