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Environmental Sustainability

Edgewater Homes Ltd

Environmental Sustainability

At Edgewater Group all of our residential developments are planned with sustainability in mind right from the very beginning.

The Environmental, Economic and Social sustainability of our Residential Developments are always one of our prime priorities right from the initial planning stages. We aim to deliver developments that have minimal effect on the environment and provide economic and social benefits to residents both in the development and the surrounding areas.


Our focus is on initiatives to minimise our environmental impact including energy and carbon emission reduction, water conservation and recycling, waste minimisation and recycling and reducing the impact of building materials.


Sustainability is addressed throughout the design process starting with the very first master plan sketch.


We're committed to creating communities that are diverse, inclusive, safe, and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.


We carefully plan our communities to encourage community interaction, provide extensive recreation spaces, address affordability matters and to provide ready access to services and public transport.

Our approach

We recognise the importance of environmental and social sustainability to our communities and other stakeholders. Our approach is focussed on being transparent, adaptable and accountable for our commitments.

Innovation & initiatives

Innovation is an integral part of our approach, and we continually seek ways to improve the new communities we build.